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Dan Carter

Dan Carter is the owner and founder of His experience and passion as a personal trainer includes all areas of bodybuilding, fitness and supplementation.

weight training for fat loss

Many people think that cardio is the best way to rid your body of any unwanted fat. Whilst this is partially true, lifting weights or body weight exercises have been proven to be more effective for helping people to reach their weight loss goals. There have been many studies which
best workout tips

Getting a ripped body doesn’t always necessarily rely on insane and vigorous workouts. Sometimes simple tricks and variation can prove extremely effective in the gym. Add these ten simple methods to your workout plan for long lasting results: 1. Training in Bare Feet You may think this will sound crazy,
whey protein shake

We have touched on the subject of whey protein in previous articles on the site, but when it comes to using this insanely popular sports supplement the question we are getting asked quite a lot of should you be using milk or water in your protein shakes. Whey is a
muscle building food

When it comes to putting on hard lean muscle, 70% boils down to the correct diet. Clean nutrition is paramount in order to see long term sustainable gains. If you have been training hard and eating poorly, you will not see any results. Struggling with what to put in your
high intensity interval training

What is High Intensity Interval Training? High Intensity Interval Training (often referred to as HIIT) describes a method of exercise that involves periods of intense bursts of activity that then switch with short periods of rest / recovery. The process of HIIT involves pushes your body into the upper end
muscle confusion fitness

You are hitting the gym hard and struggling to see any real results. Day after day you go in and perform the same exercises. But why are you not seeing any strong gains? A common problem and one that is faced by main weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts is the
benefits of whey protein

There is no secret that there are many factors to losing weight. From dieting to exercising, there are small daily habits you can do to help the weight loss process go faster. Combining several different elements will help you lose weight in a healthy and long-term way. One great tip
bodybuilding tips

When it comes to starting any fitness routine, it is clear to make sure you understand the fundamental rules and disciplines that should be applied to weight lifting and putting on muscle. Start with these 11 essential rules and make sure you stick to them at all times. 1. You
sleeping and muscle gain

We all know that gaining substantial muscle and keeping it on truly is an art form and one of the best and most crucial ways is making sure you get adequate sleep each night. Bodybuilding is a combination of proper exercise, clean dieting, great supplementation alongside a minimum of 8
insanity workout review

The Insanity Workout is becoming increasingly popular with the health and fitness industry. It has been dubbed “the hardest workout ever” and products fantastic results for anyone brave enough to try it. It was created in 2009 by Shaun T and is guaranteed to give you a “year’s worth of