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The Amazing Benefits Of Whey Protein

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There is no secret that there are many factors to losing weight. From dieting to exercising, there are small daily habits you can do to help the weight loss process go faster. Combining several different elements will help you lose weight in a healthy and long-term way.

One great tip to help weight loss is to consume whey protein. There have been countless recent studies pointing to the multiple reasons why whey protein works as an aid to weight loss. From building muscle mass to reducing stress, there are long-term benefits in whey protein that surpass simply just losing the weight.

Below is just a brief introduction to what whey protein is and a few reasons why you should start incorporating whey protein into your diet.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a type of milk protein and is the excess substance from the cheese making process. It is mostly protein, but also includes lactose, minerals, and some fat.

Whey protein can come in three main forms as a dietary supplement. The first is whey protein concentrate, which has anywhere between 29% – 89% of protein and includes fat and lactose. This will often have more bioactive compounds than other versions of whey protein. Modern technology has helped with the filtering process to allow machines to isolate the highly bioactive peptides that whey has.

The second form is whey protein isolates that has less fat, cholesterol and lactose than the first and 90% or more protein. The third type is whey protein hydrolysates. This type is usually predigested and easy to absorb so is most often used in clinical nutrition applications.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Building Muscle

Whey protein is most commonly known for its beneficial use in helping to build muscle. It helps change the biochemistry of your body by allowing your muscles to grow faster. Professional muscle builders will commonly incorporate whey protein into their diets. By turning all the unnecessary muscle into fat, you are not only losing, you are becoming stronger and healthier. If your goal is to not look too muscular, you do not have to worry too much. As long as you are not over exercising, you will get toned and not large muscles.

High Metabolismwhey protein shake

Another reason you should start incorporating whey protein into your diet is because whey protein helps keep your metabolism high. It is an extremely thermogenic food source to eat, meaning that it burns a lot of calories after you eat it.

Our appetite is based on our body’s feedback networks and can be altered through hormonal, psychological, and physiological ways. Even though you should not expect a magic product that will immediately allow your body to lose unwanted weight, you can slowly make changes to your body that can eventually turn into lasting habits.

Studies have also shown that consuming whey protein may also directly change how much other food you may intake. Since whey protein is an extremely filling source, after eating or drinking it you will be less hungry. Even just a snack with whey protein in it will keep you full for a longer time than a regular meal.

When you are limiting your intake of calories, you automatically will begin to see weight loss. This can be one of the hardest parts of losing weight. Hunger is a natural human instinct, and it is hard not to grab a snack during the day. This also partly due to our minds and practice in self-control. Whey protein helps you lose that extra appetite and makes it slightly easier to be able to say no to any extra foods.

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Increase Insulin Sensitivity

An increase in insulin sensitivity helps improve blood sugar control and reduces the fat storage in your body. A high-protein diet can contribute to reducing your energy intake, whereas something such as beef, that is high in protein, may not help with reducing body weight gain like whey protein can. A lab study experimenting with beef-fed and whey-fed rats showed that the whey-fed rats not only had a higher insulin sensitivity but also a 40% reduction in plasma insulin concentration.

Protein Synthesis

Another reason whey protein is so popular for people losing weight is because it initiates the building of new muscle. The more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn during exercise. Whey protein instigates this process, helping your muscles move faster to a healthier body. The lean muscle that you begin to build will not develop into fat with the proper workout before meals.

Make sure you have a balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins before exercising as that will have a long-term effect on how your body processes food to build muscle or fat. The whey protein becomes a fuel source for your body and allows it to exercise for longer periods of time. Your weight gain will be from muscle mass and a decrease in body fat, which is exactly what you want for a healthy composition.

Mental Benefits

Recent studies have also shown that whey protein may help with reducing stress and add to a feeling of happiness through a boosting of glutathione levels. It has also been shown to contribute to reducing depression. Allowing weight to control every aspect of your life will only make it harder to lose the weight for good. An important part of the losing weight process is to have a healthy outlook on life, as stress can often be a huge trigger to eating more food and gaining weight.

How to Include Whey Protein in a Diet?

There are many ways you can incorporate whey protein into your diet throughout the day. The easiest way is to mix it with water or milk and drink it. If you want more taste, other ideas include making protein shakes or cook and bake with it. Many health food and vitamin stores will also sell protein bars in several flavors which can be an excellent way to add some diversity.

If you replace one to two meals a day with a whey protein shake, you may find this is enough to satisfy your hunger. Having whey before workouts can also help with the fat-burning effects. The best way is to incorporate small amounts throughout the day so that you will never feel hungry and will be on your way to losing those extra pounds. This video gives an excellent insight into the best times you must take protein in regards to your training:

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