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Flexx Labs Legal Steroid Review

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What Are Flexx Labs?

Flexx Labs are a US based company that were founded by two nutritional scientists with over twenty years experience in sports supplementation. Currently making big waves in the bodybuilding market, they currently manufacture a premium line of pharmaceutical grade legal steroids.

Marketed as an alternative to the use of banned anabolic substances, their product line includes six supplements that work synergistically to support heavy bulking and cutting phases of weight lifting.

The use of legal steroid supplements is becoming a popular choice for pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to avoid the side effects of banned anabolic substances, but reap the incredibly potent effects that come from taking them. If you are searching to buy anabolic steroids online, Flexx Labs is becoming one of the best options currently available.

flexx labs legal steroids

Are Flexx Labs Safe To Use?

Each and every ingredient in their product range includes ingredients that will produce minimal to zero side effects.

Depending on your own individual make up and tolerance with any type of supplement designed to build muscle and burn fat, you should always consult a medical professional before embarking on any supplement cycle.

While the formulas of the supplements are not disclosed on the website, they are clearly disclosed on the product label and our research shows no products that are artificial or that should produce harmful side effects.

Who Can Use Flexx Labs?

These supplements can be used by anyone who is training in order to increase muscle mass gradually, shed body fat, increase the power needed to intensify their personal workout or hasten recovery time between sessions.

If you have any conditions that might affect your workout or muscle gaining abilities, or that you’re worried may adversely interact with the supplements, then talk to your doctor about it. Talk to your doctor anyway, just to put yourself at ease.


The Flexx Labs product range includes a total of six but perfectly formed supplements for bulking, cutting and post cycle. The formulation of product has been engineered to recreate the effects of popular anabolic steroid substances in a safe and natural way.


flexx labs pro mass stack

Dianagen XX (Methandrostelone Replacement) 

Dianagen XX is Flexx Labs all round formula for size and strength gains with a massive 180 caps per bottle (one of the highest servings in the industry!). Drawing it’s inspiration from the popular steroid called “Dianobol” which made a name for itself as the number one anabolic in the 60’s, this supplement every element of the bulking phase with a strong emphasis on strength and better pumps during your workout.

  • Size And Strength Formula
  • Increased Pumps
  • Zero Water Retention

Anagen XX (Oxymetholone Replacement)

Anagen XX is a powerful and extreme mass gainer with one primary objective: to pack on unadulterated muscle.

Formulated as an alternative to the popular steroid known as Anavar 50, Anagen XX is one of the strongest pro-testosterone compounds on the market that works upon “stacking principles” that layer a number of anabolic substances together for explosive results to supercharge muscle gains. A raise in testosterone in the body results in increased strength, enhanced protein synthesis and greater nitrogen retention across the muscles.

  • Extreme Mass Formula
  • Heavy Bulking Cycles
  • Zero Estrogen Conversion

Decagen XX (Nandrolone Replacement)

Decagen XX from Flexx Labs is a bulking / cutting supplement that works to enhance lean muscle mass while training for that ripped look. A potent alternative to the powerful steroid called Deca-Durabolin, the product’s revolutionary formula is engineered to speed up glycogen production and regulate protein synthesis as an anti-catabolic agent. Decagen XX is the perfect companion for any cutting cycle and also helps preserve hard earned muscle tissue during dieting.

  • Lean & Dry Muscle Gains
  • Perfect Companion For Cutting Cycles
  • Increased Performance

flexx labs cutting

Stanagen XX (Stanzolol Replacement)

Stanagen XX is the flagship cutting agent from Flexx Labs that is purely for those who are looking to increase metabolism and torch body fat. The product has been formulated in a way that mimics the highly stimulating properties of anabolic steroids such as Stanozolol, Winstrol and Primobolan.

From my own experience, Stanagen XX combined with Decagen XX is a very powerful cutting stack that when combined with an intense workout plan, can help drop weight in hard to reach areas.

  • Premium Cutting Agent
  • Shred Body Fat
  • Enhances Muscle Hardness

Equigen XX (Boldenone Replacement)

Equigen XX is another premium cutting agent from Flexx Labs that draws its compound from the popular steroid called Equipoise which was used by bodybuilders in the off-season prior to competitions. Working in a similar fashion to Stanagen XX, Equigen XX takes things that one step further helping increase workout intensity, build lean mass and also speed up recovery times.

If you are looking to try any cutting agent from the Flexx Labs range, then we would advise this product.

  • Complex Cutting Formula
  • Increased Workout Intensity
  • Preserve Lean Muscle Mass


Postcycle XX is a post cycle supplement that is designed to cleanse, detox and regulate testosterone levels after a heavy bulking or cutting phase. Postcycle XX contains a blend of essential minerals and nutrients that protect your hard earned gains post cycle ands

Muscle Stacks

Each and every product in the Flexx Labs range has been designed to compliment one another when stacked together. If you are new to bodybuilding and steroids, stacking is a process where you take multiple supplements together to maximise their effects. With a generous buy 2 get 1 free offer across the whole site, there are further discounts when you buy any stack.

flexx labs stacks

How Long Will It Take Before I See Results?

By their own estimates, Flexx Lab have stated that with the appropriate dietary and exercise regimes you can look forward to seeing substantial gains in two to three weeks.

Training Routines for Using Flexx Labs

Anabolic steroids are nothing without an iron willpower and a strict regimen of diet and exercise. Here’s how to get the most out of your strength multiplying Flexx Lab supplements.

Follow Through With a Daily Plan That Will Push You to the Limit

Keep to the programme, no matter what. It’s not enough to want to do it at the start, when it’s easy. The key to an impeccable physique is to train through the pain, to not stop going forward. A daily exercise plan is important. Train in the morning, so that there’s no way to put it off. Do what you have to do to see the gains you deserve to get.

Muscle Confusion

An important part of training is confusing your muscles. This means that your routine doesn’t become comfortable or predictable. Your muscles were designed to respond to environmental changes and pressures, which means that changing your exercises, cycles and rest periods keeps your body guessing. It also means that you don’t begin to go through the exercises monotonously as you would go through a grocery list. Muscle confusion is essential to beat the plateau where increased exercise doesn’t lead to increased mass.

Eat Healthy, Bulk Up

You’re going to need to increase the amount you eat to bulk up. This includes sources of protein such as meat, fish and low fat dairy, as well as nuts and lentils. You also need to replenish nutrients with fruits and vegetables, as well as grains to get the carbohydrates you need to expend energy. Eat healthily, avoiding fatty fast food. If you can cook, then make use of that skill.

Rest Up

Growing muscle involves breaking up old muscles. This means that you need to give your body time to recover from bulking. Have a rest day at some time in the week. Sleep 7 to 9 hours a night and have rest periods during your exercise routine.

Fundamental Exercises

Fundamental exercises include pushups, deadlifts and squats. These are weight training exercises that use all the major muscle groups in your body. Use them to bulk up.

Where Can I Buy Flexx Labs?

You can only purchase Flexx Labs legal steroids direct from the manufacturers website, over at www.flexxlabs.com. The site features more indepth information about the company as well as detailed insights into their products.

They offer free US shipping and a flat rate of $9.99 anywhere in the world.

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