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Milk Or Water in Your Protein Shake?

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We have touched on the subject of whey protein in previous articles on the site, but when it comes to using this insanely popular sports supplement the question we are getting asked quite a lot of should you be using milk or water in your protein shakes.

Whey is a great way of adding much needed protein to your diet as it is low in fat and carbs and is absorbed quickly into the blood stream. Packed with amino acids (depending on the type you buy), whey protein will enhance protein synthesis which in turn causes muscle growth when taken before and after exercise.

When it comes to taking whey protein, the type of liquid you mix it with doesn’t actually effect the final absorption into your muscles and body. It goes without saying that if you want a nicer flavor and something that tastes smooth, then milk would be the best option. If you are going to go for the water option, then there are some thicker and great tasting protein brands on the market that taste just as good with water.

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One of the main differences between the two is the amount of calories in each serving. A typical serving of whey protein with milk contains around 200 calories compared to that of water which is only around 100. If you are cutting and watching the amount of calories, then it is always advised to just use water.

A key benefit of mixing milk with protein is that the two types of protein are mixed together. Milk is a blend of whey and casein and when these two are put together, they are much more effective at recovery than whey on its own. The most important time for muscle repair is while you sleep, so mixing a small amount of milk into your shake before bedtime is recommended. A

Adding milk to the mix will also add a further seven to nine grams per cup. Milk also contains essential amino acids that are very easily digested by the body.

An important factor to consider when taking milk with protein is the increase in carbohydrates. Depending on the level of carbs within the brand of whey you buy, milk can add between ten and twelve grams per shake. So if you are looking to limit your carbohydrate intake, then it would be best to use water.

Our Verdict

If you are looking to mass and are complimenting this with a solid diet plan, then milk would be the best choice to build muscle if taken at the right time.

For pre and post workout, we advise you mix just water as this will hit the muscles instantly and be absorbed immediately.

Upon waking and also prior to going to bed, it would be advised to add milk.

Many bodybuilders will actually mix half water and half milk to get the benefits from both.

Either way, milk adds a number of benefits and should be looked at as a great catalyst for optimum muscle growth when using protein shakes.

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