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The Essential Review Of The P90X3 Workout

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What is P90X3?

p90x3 workout review

P90X3 is the third instalment of the popular Beachbody workout, P90, and has been improved and developed so it’s even more strenuous than the previous programs, giving you better results in a shorter time frame.

Created by fitness trainer Tony Horton, the P90 series is a high-intensity interval training program that is designed to push your body to its limit and help you achieve the results you desire.

It is extremely intense but sheds the pounds fast by working every muscle in the body to achieve maximum fat loss, build up muscle and a get an all over toned look.

The website claims that you can “get ripped in 30 minutes a day.” This is because recent scientific research suggests that the first 30 minutes of exercise are the most beneficial. The program lasts 3 months and allows those who want to lose weight to do so in the comfort of their own home.

Check out this sneak preview into what the P90X3 is really all about:

When it comes to fitness and personal training, Tony Horton really is the real deal and has worked with a string of high profile celebrities. His P90 range of workout programs have sold millions worldwide and alongside this has also created his own programs for leading magazines and famous TV programs such as Dr Oz. P90X3 accommodates for different levels of fitness.

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P90x comes in 4 different packages depending on each users individual requirements which include the Base, Deluxe, Ultimate or Challenge kit, so everyone can reap the benefits. You don’t even have to have completed X2 or X before starting X3.

The Base Kit is great for anyone that is new to the P90 range of workout programs and features all the necessary components to get started.

As you move up the packages, different workouts and exercises are added in to help you push harder and further in your workouts. Other great items thrown in include nutritional plans, exercise equipment including pull up bars and resistance bands (Tony Horton LOVES resistance bands) and also supplements. You can find out more information by visiting http://beachbody.com


The pricing structure for the different P90X3 packages is shown as follows:

  • Base Kit – 3 Payments of $39.95
  • Deluxe Kit – 3 Payments of $79.90
  • Ultimate Kit – 3 Payments of $1098.85

p90x3 review

P90X3 Workout Programs

P90X has 16 different workouts which focus on different aspects of fitness and are categorised into each of the following areas of fitness:

  1. Resistance Training
  2. Cardiovascular Fitness Training
  3. Power Training
  4. Core Flex and Balance Training

Each exercise has results-driven scientific power behind them and the program is structured to use a combination from each area which optimises the rate of weight loss. Popsugar featured Tony Horton on their Youtube channel with a 10 minute sample workout so you can give it a try and feel the burn:

Here are the exercises and which specific area they fall under:


  1. The Challenge – Strengthen your upper body with push-ups and pull-ups
  2. Incinerator – Burnout session that pushes you past your limits
  3. Total Synergistics – Resistance workout that triggers fast, powerful changes to your body’s composition
  4. Eccentric Upper – Creating upper-body muscle mass in a slow and controlled manner
  5. The Warrior – Convenient exercise that can be done anywhere at any time and by anyone
  6. Eccentric Lower – Lower body workout to get ripped


  1. CVX – Full body interval workout which improves the core strength
  2. MMX – Martial arts based technique which tests strength, endurance and flexibility whilst burning fat
  3. Accelerator – Fat burning regime that increases muscular efficiency and cardiovascular health


  1. Agility X – Aerobic and anaerobic techniques to help improve precision, balance, flexibility and strength
  2. Triometrics – A versatile and innovative plyo workout to increase your speed and power
  3. Decelerator – Multi-angle deceleration training

Core, Flexibility & Balance

  1. X3 Yoga – Improve overall musculoskeletal flexibility, stamina, core strength and balance
  2. Pilates X – Strengthen the core and promote elasticity of muscles and stabilize joints
  3. Isometrix – Strengthen the overall body and focuses the mind
  4. Dynamix – Improve range of motion, flexibility and stability

Why does P90X3 work?

The program is designed to include high-intensive interval training which has proven to be the most effective way of losing weight, keeping your metabolism working and body burning calories for hours after the workout.

The X3 version includes the addition of muscle acceleration. Follows the principle that the more muscle you build the more fat you burn. By keeping the muscles challenged at all times, your muscles will grow faster in less time.

The website says that X3 combines a highly focussed, fat burning schedule with a variety of exercises and moves that will help keep every muscle in the body engaged every day for half an hour of full-throttle intensity that leaves any other workout in the dust.

P90X3 Mobile Application

P90x3 workout app

Comes with a useful mobile application that allows you to track your progress on the go. You can log your nutrition, reps and sets of exercise, as well as receiving progress reports on days 30, 60 & 90. You can also share your successes to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Alongside the support of the program, having a tool like this really helps give complete transparency in regards to your goals and also allows you to track your progression.

Many people fail when it comes to working out as they do not have any strategy of plan. P90X3 gives you complete control over all aspects of your journey.

You an also receive 24/7 online support to keep you motivated and give you unlimited access to fitness experts and peer support.

Does it really work?

p90x before after

There have been thousands of success stories that have been featured around the internet. The most impressive thing about P90X3 is the user reviews are real and the results really do speak for themselves. If you are willing to commit for three months and follow the plan religiously, then you will see incredible results.


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The average fat loss in the test group was an astounding 34%. A browse through reviews on Amazon or the transformation videos on Youtube prove that this program really does give great results. Check out these incredible results posted up by P90X3 users:

Some users have lost over 20lbs in only 90 days! Check out Tony Horton’s full Youtube channel for a taste of what the P90 series is all about.

[quote_center]P90X3 will truly blast fat, enhance fitness and revolutionise your body, making you look and feel great. [/quote_center]

If you are looking for a great way to ramp up your cardio than P90X3 will deliver on all counts. While P90X3 is a great all round workout plan, if you are looking to put on more muscle mass, then we would recommend Tony Horton’s P90X or Body Beast as great alternatives. Users have also fed back that they will choose to combine P90X3 with either program.

You can visit their Facebook page for advice, motivation and the latest updates on the P90 programmes.

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