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Ten Best Muscle Building Foods For Every Shopping List

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When it comes to putting on hard lean muscle, 70% boils down to the correct diet. Clean nutrition is paramount in order to see long term sustainable gains. If you have been training hard and eating poorly, you will not see any results.

Struggling with what to put in your shopping basket? Check out these 10 essential bodybuilding foods.


eggs bodybuildingEggs got bad rep in earlier years for containing too much fat and messing with the arteries. However, recent studies have shown that dietary cholesterol and heart diseases aren’t actually correlated. What’s more, eggs are packed with protein and this cholesterol serves as a framework for the production of steroid hormones. Coupled with 0.5 grams of Leucine in each egg, this powerful food source is a great fuel for those repairing muscles.


If you are in the process of trying to pack on raw muscle, then nuts are your knight in shining armor. Just one ounce of cashew or almonds is packed with roughly 160 calories. The benefit of this? The perfect blend of these calories from protein, fats and fiber acts as a great weight gainer (that doesn’t go onto your stomach. They also taste great too! Avoid any salted nuts.

Lean Beef

It goes without saying that lean, unadulterated beef should be the staple of any bodybuilding diet. The reason? Due to the fact it is loaded up with all sorts of muscle building amino acids and nutrients including iron, zinc and B Vitamins. This is one of the highest quality sources of protein you can put in your body. Don’t forget to combine a protein like this alongside chicken.

Whey Protein

whey protein

You couldn’t call yourself a weight lifter unless you had a stash of Whey Protein in the cupboard. Whey protein is the most popular sports supplement in the world and for good reason.

It provides a cheap source of protein that when drunk right after a workout, hits the muscles immediately to aid with recovery. Whey is also a great additive to shakes and smoothies and can be incorporated into many meals in the kitchen.

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If you ask any bodybuilding what they eat to gain muscle, then Tuna will be up there as a number one food group. A lean fish that is brimming with protein and omega 3 fatty acids, tuna helps improve weight loss and also provides a high quality source of fuel for your muscles.

Full Fat Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese contains high levels of a dairy protein called Casein. Caesin works by regulating your blood amino acid levels and is perfect for muscle maintenance. Packed with other nutrients that help muscle absorption, cottage cheese also helps keep you fuller for longer.

Chick Peas

While we have talked about some killer sources of protein, do not forget to throw some carbs into the mix. Chick peas are a perfect source of slow release carbs and dietary fibre that are a great alternative to rice and grain.


salmon bodybuilding

Coupled with tuna, Salmon is another definite addition to that muscle building shopping list. Great tasting, this pink fish contains quality protein with essential Omega-3 fats.

Whether you are looking to loose weight or bulk up, salmon release the right amino acids your body is craving for when training. If fish isn’t really your thing, there are supplements that will provide you with the same nutrients of salmon.


Spinach is a powerful green that works in tandem with any rich protein source. If you are eating beef, chicken or fish, then make sure you add a big handful of spinach to your meal. Brimming with several vitamins, spinach also contains calcium which helps prevent your muscles from cramping when training.

Peanut Butter 

peanut butter protein

Peanut butter is most bodybuilders ultimate treat when it comes to nutrition. This tasty food source contains rich calories, essential fats and also the added bonus of being protein rich.

When it comes to buying peanut butter, always go for the best quality brand and avoid any products that have high levels of added sugar.

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