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10 Of The Best Workout Tips You Will Ever Hear

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Getting a ripped body doesn’t always necessarily rely on insane and vigorous workouts. Sometimes simple tricks and variation can prove extremely effective in the gym. Add these ten simple methods to your workout plan for long lasting results:

1. Training in Bare Feet

You may think this will sound crazy, but training in bare beet has a number of benefits for weight lifting. Firstly, having your feet on the ground reduces the distance that you have to lift the bar on a deadlift which in turn allows you to lift heavier weights and improves stability.

 2. Throwing a medicine ball into the air

This technique involves throwing a medicine ball high into the air at a wall in front of you or slamming it into the ground. These kind of exercises are great at engaging all of the muscles in your body and actively promote the user of increased muscle fibers when it comes to lifting weights.

3. Performing complexes

Supersetting in weight lifting is a common practice, but complexes take it a step further. This method of training involves three or four exercises in a row targeting one area of the body. Each of the four exercises is designed to put pressure on the area, work different muscle fibres and properly fatigue the body.

 4. Go Heavy

Most people training the gym don’t lift enough of a heavy weight to see any growth. You should aim to be lifting in the range of 8-12 repetitions and performing 3-7 reps of each exercise. Try exercises with a gym buddy as this will really enable you to push hard and get those final numbers up on each set.

5. Train your delts to tone up your waist

This is a simple trick and one that can tighten up your waist area. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and proceed with a lateral raise on your right arm. As you do this, keep your arm raised and then lower it a quarter of the way back down, back up and then all the way down. This simple exercise when performed twice a week will show considerable benefits.

 6. Daily Pull Ups in the morning and evening

Pull ups are one of the best upper body exercises for beefing up arms and rapidly increasing strength. Twice a day, perform as many as you can in the morning and then as many as you can in the evening. During the course of a month, you will see the number of reps you can achieve increase.

 7. Weight Lifting On An Empty Stomach

If it always best to go into any workout on an empty stomach. Studies have shown that pushing yourself in the gym first thing in the morning actually doubles the output of muscle growth signals. If you are going to have something prior to working out, try a protein shake with water.

 8. Use the exhaustion rep method

Instead of doing the usual three sets of ten method, try picking a reasonable weight and then go for hell doing as many reps as you can. Over the course of the sets you will hit the area hard and this also helps build a lean and toned look.

9. Always use free weights

When performing any exercises, always try use free weights. Machines restrict your movement and only focus on limited muscles as there is no range in your motion. Holding free weights requires additional balance and the body has to engage different fibres in order to lift the weight.

10. Mix of your range of motions

When training with weights, there is generally three types of motion which include positive (raising the weight), static (holding the weight still) and negative (lowering the weight). Mix up your workouts on each set as this will confuse the muscle and also engage different fibers. And you know what happens when different fibers are required? More are torn and muscles get bigger.

To finish things off, check out these 3 tips that professional bodybuilders use to gain muscle fast:

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