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Ten Protein Rich Recipes To Banish Hunger

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If you didn’t know already, upping your protein intake is probably the easiest way to keep your hunger under control. When you are feeling peckish, it’s most likely that you’ll reach for the carbs, either pasta or bread. But actually protein is better at keeping you fuller for longer than any other food group. Protein digests slower than carbs and sugars so your blood sugar stays level, also keeping your mood constant.

Proteins are essential for building muscles which, in turn, burn more calories and make your body look lean and toned. They can be found in nearly all animal products including meats, dairy, fish and eggs. However, what most people don’t realise is that you can also find proteins in whole grains, soy, nuts, pulses and legumes.

But don’t worry, you aren’t going to have to start knocking back the protein shakes which can often taste bitter and upset your stomach. Instead, why not try out some of these extremely healthy and filling recipes.

1) Baked Eggs In Ham Cups

protein ham egg cupsFull Recipe at Popsugar.com (Image Source)

This breakfast is quick to make but will definitely fill you up. Grab some ham, eggs and seasoning: salt, pepper and paprika.

The recipe is simple: just line a muffin tray with slices of ham, then crack an egg into each pot.

The best thing about this recipe, is you can make as many as you want!

Sprinkle the seasoning on top and bake in the oven on a low heat for 20 minutes.

Allow to cool, then enjoy.

2) Pumpkin Spice Protein Pancakes

protein pancakesGet the Recipe at Dashingdish.com(Image Source)

As the most important meal of the day, it is vital you include protein in your breakfast. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite meals, like pancakes!

Blend together protein powder, fresh pumpkin, a bit of cinnamon, some baking powder, 2 egg whites, oats and a splash of water. Heat up a non-stick griddle or frying pan and spoon in some batter.

Serve them warm with some thick natural yoghurt and a dusting of extra cinnamon to add something a bit special.

3) Vegetable Paleo Soup

paleo soupFull Recipe at Popsugar.com (Image Source)

Get all the necessary protein for your day from vegetables. You can also add some shredded chicken to it, but this soup is so filling, it doesn’t really need it!

You can use any vegetables you want, but the recommended ones to use are: butternut squash, chillies, bell peppers, onions. Also some chicken or vegetable stock and lots of seasoning to make it taste great. With this recipe, you can either cook all the vegetables separately then combine them in a pan with the broth, or you can chop them all up and place them in a slow cooker for 30 minutes to an hour. About halfway through cooking add seasoning, such as garlic, salt, pepper, lime juice and oregano.

4) Blackened Sockeye Salmon

salmon Complete Instructions at Skinnyms.com(Image Source)

Salmon is the healthiest fish you can eat, full of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which promotes a healthy heart.

This recipe is so simple to prepare; combine thyme, garlic powder, dried oregano, paprika, black pepper, salt and cayenne pepper in a bowl with a dash of oil.

Then rub the spice mixture onto each side of the salmon fillet.

Fry on a skillet on medium-high heat for 5-6 minutes and serve with a side salad or freshly steamed vegetables.


5) Asian Style Beef and Broccoli

beef broccoliComplete Instructions at Skinnyms.com(Image Source)

Why opt for take out when you can prepare this dish easily with no fuss? It tastes just as good and is twice as healthy!

Slice up some beef and chop up broccoli florets. To bulk out the recipe, you can also use bell peppers and onions. You’ll need lots of seasoning and spices to give this recipe it’s delicious taste: garlic, ginger, soy sauce, honey, lemon juice and black pepper.

Use a wok to saute the garlic, ginger and onion, then add the beef.

Once cooked through you can add the broccoli and bell pepper. Add all the spices and serve with steamed brown rice or quinoa.

6) Chicken Vegetable Casserole

chicken casseroleFull Recipe at Sparkpeople.com (Image Source)

Chicken is a great source of protein and is extremely filling, especially when combined with some fresh vegetables.

You’ll need to vary the amount of ingredients according to how many you’re cooking for. If you’re using white sauce from a jar (make sure to check sodium levels) then this is really only a five ingredient recipe: chicken, bell peppers, whole grain penne pasta, broccoli and courgette.

Start by cooking the chicken breasts either by roasting or boiling them, then dice them up. Cook the pasta according to package directions. Boil the broccoli for only a few minutes, then drain along with the pasta. In a large, oven-proof dish, carefully layer the pasta, broccoli, chicken and chopped vegetables. Cover with sauce. You could sprinkle grated cheese on top to finish, then bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

7) Cappuccino Cloud Cheesecake

capuccino cheesecakeFull Recipe atChocolatecoveredkatie.com (Image Source)

It’s not technically a ‘cheese’ cake but it tastes wonderful nevertheless. It’s consistency is more like a mouse, soft and creamy!

For this dessert, you’ll need some strongly-brewed coffee, vanilla extract, tofu, coconut butter, Stevia or coconut sugar and chocolate chips. You could use rolled oats combined with an egg to create a crust for your cheesecake, or you could leave the crust out completely. Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl or dish and leave in the fridge for at least 6 hours. It’s that simple!

8) Almond Joy Smoothie

almond smoothieMore Information at Greatist.com(Image Source)

Even if you’re not a body builder, you can still enjoy a protein smoothie. The best thing is that this smoothie tastes just like a milkshake!

You can combine all these ingredients straight into a blender: unsweetened almond milk, coconut water, unsweetened cocoa powder, almond butter and 2 frozen bananas.

Pour into chilled glasses, garnish with some finely chopped almonds and drink immediately.

9) Black Bean-Quinoa Salad

black bean quinoa More Information at Myrecipes.com(Image Source)

If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry, because there are still plenty of ways you can get the right amount of protein in your diet. Quinoa is packed with protein, more so than any other grain.

The most essential ingredients in this gorgeous salad are quinoa, vegetable broth, tofu, lima beans, black beans, onions and a variety of seasonings. Although there are a lot of ingredients, this recipe is simple to make. Just cook the quinoa in the vegetable broth on a medium-high heat. When it begins to boil, reduce the heat and leave to simmer until the broth is absorbed and the quinoa tender. Dice up the tofu and add it to the quinoa. Similarly, add the beans, and the onions. Then season to your preference, for example, you could add lemon juice, basil, garlic, salt or/and pepper. Serve on a bed of spinach or baby leaf salad.

10) Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

peanut butter cookiesFull Recipe at Proteinpow.com (Image Source)

These delicious little treats are irresistible and will certainly do the trick in quelling your hunger pangs, perhaps before or after a workout.

All you’ll need is peanut butter, vanilla whey protein powder, coconut or almond mil and some ground almonds.

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until they form a type of dough. Then simply rip off chunks and roll them into small balls. Place them on a baking tray and pop them in the oven for about 5-10 minutes at a medium heat.

So, if you want to stop those 3pm nagging hunger pangs, the best thing you can do to retake control of your body is to consume more protein. You’ll feel fuller for longer and find that you have heaps more energy throughout the day.

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