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Why Am I Not Seeing Any Gains In The Gym?

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Does it seem like you are spending too long in the gym but never feel like you’re making any progress? Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle mass, or simply improve your fitness levels, occasionally we all hit a plateau. And when you stop seeing results, it’s easy to get bored of working out and you’ll be more tempted to quit.

There are a huge number of reasons why you might not be achieving the results you expect, even though you’re slogging it in the gym for hours everyday. Have a read through some of these suggestions and see where you’re going wrong:

1) You are doing too much exercise:

Yes, there is such a thing as too much exercise! Although it makes logical sense that the more you workout the greater the results, in fact, you may be putting your body under too much stress. It’s not advised to work out everyday for long periods of time. If you do too much exercise then your body doesn’t get a chance to repair itself. After doing intense cardio or weight lifting, your muscles need a chance re-establish the fibres between the muscle tissue. When you continuously exercise, you could be causing injury to yourself and hindering the progress you want to make.

Also, if you aren’t fuelling your body sufficiently, then your systems will shut down and go into starvation mode. This means that every part of your body will be preserving fat rather than burning it. Any nutrition you take in will be immediately stored as fat to be used when you work out later. Therefore, it’s unlikely you’ll see any change in your body shape.

It’s imperative that you give yourself time to recover. You body needs it and you should never underestimate the power of a rest day. Experts advise that you should only be doing cardio a maximum of five times week and lifting weights only about three times a week. This ensures that no unnecessary harm will be done to your body and you’ll be able to see some actual results because you can get an all important break.

2) You have no training plan:

If you’re just working out with no sort of plan or you’re not setting specific goals for yourself, then it’s no wonder you aren’t getting results. If you set consistent goals which you can aim for, such as losing 1lb a week, then you are more likely to be happy with the work you’re putting in at the gym.

When you start any exercise programme, the aim should be to improve. You don’t have to be doing any fancy exercises, the key is to keep it simple. For example, if you like to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes non stop, then you’re unlikely to see any progress. Every week, you should add a few extra minutes onto your running time. See if you can do the extra five minutes. You’ll probably find that even just by adding these few minutes will make you uncomfortable which means the exercise is starting to work. When it comes to lifting weights, its important to switch up your routines, target specific muscle groups and also increase the intensity of your workouts. Check out this great video:

Alternatively, instead of running at the same speed for the duration, incorporate High Intensity Interval Training into the workout. Run at a moderate pace for 30 seconds, then sprint for one minute. Similarly, when lifting weights, try adding some extra reps or increasing the weight to take your workout to the next level.

3) You undo all your hard work with a bad diet:

After you’ve spent an hour or two in the gym, you feel like you deserve a pizza, right? Wrong. Rewarding yourself for all your hard work in the gym with food could possibly affect the results you see the most. It’s easy to overestimate how many calories you burn at the gym and, consequently, underestimate how many calories are in our favourite foods.

Even though you may have done a good workout, on average people only burn about 300 calories at the gym. That’s about the same amount of calories as in a single slice of pizza. So if you eat an entire pizza, you’re actually undoing your workout. Rather than rewarding an intense workout with high-calorie food, add some money to a jar, then when you reach a target you can buy yourself something nice, or spend it on a day out.

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4) Your heart simply isn’t in it:

Are you really putting 100% into your workout? Honestly? If you aren’t sweating and gasping for breath by the end of your workout then you probably aren’t exercising as hard as you could be. When you exercise you really need to get out of your comfort zone. Only then will you fitness start to improve. Only when you find it hard, then that’s when it starts working. Even if you’re only doing 45 minutes, if you put your maximum effort then you should definitely see results.

Also, if you spend more time talking with your friends at the gym, then you probably aren’t burning as many calories as you think you are. Instead of watching the telly, checking your phone every five minutes, or posting your workout to Facebook, you are distracted. Although the clock says you may have been at the gym for an hour, you have probably only been working out for around 35 to 45 minutes and, therefore, not working as hard as you could be.

So next time you’re at the gym, really concentrate on your workout and you may find that your results improve dramatically.

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