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Why Muscle Confusion Is Important In Workouts

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You are hitting the gym hard and struggling to see any real results. Day after day you go in and perform the same exercises. But why are you not seeing any strong gains?muscle-confusion-bodybuilding

A common problem and one that is faced by main weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts is the dreaded plateau. This comes when we hit a brick wall that just wont move and building up those arms or shifting that excess body fat is a nightmare. If this has happened to you then do not despair as there is a solution that will provide guaranteed results.

 What is muscle confusion?

Muscle is formed after a workout and not during. When you lift heavy weights, the muscle tears and leaves us with a sore feeling afterwards. This sore feeling is a good sign and shows that you have pushed hard during your workout. The sore feeling is what is known as DOMS (or Delayed Onset Muscle Stiffness). DOMS is very common and is the effect of your body repairing the damaged muscle which leads to greater gains in size and strength.

A common mistake that many make is to go into the gym and repeat the same kinds of exercises over and over again. The body is perfectly capable of adjusting to whatever is thrown at it so if you keep going in and doing the same routines over and over again, your muscles will just adjust to this process and stop developing.

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If you are a beginner you do not need to worry too much about muscle confusion initially. The important start is to make sure you increase intensity as the confusion that comes when you start will come from increasing the amount of weight you are pushing or lifting.

Brandon Carter is a leading authority on fitness and bodybuilding and promotes the effectiveness of muscle confusion in training:

How can I achieve muscle confusion in my workouts?

Successful athletes and professional weight lifters will all swear by the art of muscle confusion in their workouts. When you hit the gym, try and think of ways you can push yourself harder and switch up your workouts. Increased variation in your exercises and throwing obstacles at the body which it is not ready for is the best way for rapid muscle growth. If the body doesn’t know what is going to hit it next, it will naturally prepare for this by adding more muscle.

The reason muscle confusion works so well as it doesn’t allow the body to get into any comfort zone. Doing the same workouts week after week only will only stagger your results further.

Another great benefit of muscle confusion is the fact you get to mix up your workout plans. Who wants to do the same boring routine over and over? Exercises such as circuit training or cross fit add real variance to your daily routines.

A common method of weight training that proves very effective for muscle confusion is by super setting each and every set. Pushing one muscle group and then going into another over and over is a great way of increasing the intensity of the session and the body’s ability to work harder.

Muscle confusion doesn’t just mean changing your workouts, performing the same workout moves, but switching up the actual movement can also prove to be quite powerful. If you are doing press-ups for example, holding the bar in a slightly different position and adjusting the closeness of your grip will engage different muscle groups to work together.

The bottom line is that any workout plan requires diversity in order to achieve results. Focus on increasing weight intensity, but also switching up the types of movements and workout patterns you do.

Remember that bodybuilding is all about isolation and routine, so its important to focus on engaging the same muscle groups as you need to put pressure on them to increase.


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